The Voice of Your Business

All packages are possible to combine. Let's meet and explore what your business needs. 

Marble Surface

Do you require a voice, presence, and moving energy on any of these social media platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn? Let's build you a presence, engage with your audience, and grow your database. 

Different packages are possible and can include copy, new content, up-cycling & reviving older content.

Custom-made Instagram grids. 

Available in fully custom-made branding or simple branding. 

Social Media

Starting from 500€ a month

Paper Craft

Content Creation

Is it time to build a presence on social media?


Content creation is when you provide free, educational content as a way to nurture the audience you already have and let your new audience to get to know you and your business. 


This can include creation of new content, up-cycling, and revising older content such as memes, blogs, audio clips, video clips, podcast, copy. 


Starting from 750€ a month

Stacked Books


A beautiful "news" letter can keep your database informed ànd feel like they're being cared for.


What if every email is not only an invitation to purchase but also an invitation of inspiration? 


What would it be like if your subscribers were looking forward to opening any email of your business? 


This is a monthly package and can include copy, graphics, and imagery to enhance the content. 

Starting from 350€ a month

Ivy Branding (2).png


One of the ways to create a pull and build trust with your audience is to have a brand that stands out and matches the energy of your business. Even if people don’t know what energy is, it is the first message that comes across. Let's make that first impression a good one! 


Branding is done through unified graphic design throughout your logo, website, graphics and all your social media platforms. This service offers a mood board and can include a personalized logo, colors & fonts, graphic example, website design example, invoice, business cards, etc.


Available in fully custom-made branding or simple branding.


Starting at 750€ 


Graphic Design


Black and White Leaf

Yes you can make your own graphic and why not go for a graphic that radiates the voice of your product, business or event that tells a story and invites before it's been read?

This service can be anything a single graphic, graphic pack ( with different sizes ) or a graphic bundle. 

Available in fully custom-made branding or simple branding. 

Starting from 75€

White Sands

Podcast Creation

A podcast is a great way for people to get to know you and what your business is all about in a more direct, vulnerable, and personal way. It can be a great source for education, building trust with your audience, and inspiration. It’s a great way to "put yourself out there" and build recognition for your business. 


Set-up + branding + copy + idea


We can teach you the how-to or hire us to publish it for you 

Starting at 750€ 

Blank Envelopes

Blogs is a great SEO for your business and website.  People often look for first help on google these days. 

It can be a great way to talk about all the things you love, add affiliate links if you can ( books, classes, business platforms, etc. ) and allows you to earn passive income.


This service includes copy ( based on the resources you provide), and can include a monthly package or one blog at a time. It can also include mAvailable in fully custom-made branding or simple branding. g graphics or memes. 


Starting from 300€




Kids with Capes

Sidekick & Futurist


In need of a creative sidekick to bounce off ideas or break down some walls when you feel you are stuckin life and business? 

Why not have a weekly / bi-weekly / monthly creation call to get things moving and happy? A moving business is a thriving business! 


This can include facilitation, co-creation on your projects, or a listening ear while you work things out. 

Starting at 250€ 

Untitled design.png




What is it about? Why did you choose this to be your business? What makes you and your services different? What exactly do you offer? 

Who are you? 


This service includes branding ( simple or fully custom-made ), imagery, all that is required to have the website up and running and holding hands + support all the way


It can also include copy, set up of a shop, CRM ( customer service ) and email marketing 


Starting at 1000€ 


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